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                          Our staff, management and markets are on a global scale

                          Training && Motivation

                          Diversified training

                          NGC promotes the development of a learning-based enterprise, provides employees with diverse training opportunities and room for growth through its comprehensive training system. This is all tied to the company’s development needs and future requirements, and is achieved through a combination of self-learning and varied training programs. These include programs focused on corporate management, internal, external, management and technical expertise training, as well as both professional and degree-based training.

                          Comprehensive performance management system

                          NGC offers numerous training programs, including introductory training, expert knowledge and skills training, special management and language skills training, degree-awarding educational training such as MBA/Master of Engineering, overseas training, and many more. Additionally, the company has a mentoring program to effectively nurture the overall capabilities of new employees.

                          Rich training programs

                          Our Compensation & Benefits plan is constantly reviewed in order to ensure our teams receive salaries and benefits that are in line with market standards. A Performance Management System also allows NGC to constantly motivate and develop our employees through a systematic pathway to improve their knowledge, skills and professionalism.

                          Comprehensive Training Course System
                          NGC E-Learning

                          Training management in the digital age

                          “NGC E-learning” is an e-learning platform that has been carefully built by NGC, and boasts a number of powerful features including course creation, course assignment, course scheduling and course evaluation. To date, NGC employees have created more than 600 electronic courses on this platform, forming a rich knowledge pool. The successful operation of “NGC E-learning” shows that NGC’s training management system has formally entered the digital era.

                          Committed to the success of employees, adhere to innovation and efficiency

                          Industrial competition is ultimately expressed as talent competition, while the key to enhancing the competitiveness of individual talent is education and training.    

                          Intern Growth Plan
                          • Induction Training

                          • Rotating Mentorship Training

                          • Reading Exchange

                          • Professional Training & Skill Improvement

                          • Thesis Defense


                          August ~ next January

                          February ~ June

                          New Staff

                          Professional Expert

                          Employer Branding
                          • NGC won the “2018 HR Management
                            Excellence Award” from 51job.com

                          • NGC was named an “Employer with Extraordinary Innovation
                            Capacity” in Jiangsu Province by Liepin.com in 2018

                          • NGC won the “2019 HR Management
                            Excellence Award” from 51job.com