Geared for a Better Future

                          Global leader in wind power drive equipment

                          Corporate Culture

                          Corporate Mission

                          Geared for a Better Future

                          Corporate Vision

                          Leader of the global power transmission field

                          Quality Policies

                          Quality First, Customer Focus

                          Good service,

                          Faith as a base

                          Management policy

                          Coordination, Practice, Exploitation, Innovation

                          Value Concept

                          “NGC” indicates

                          Technology, Quality, Service and Friends

                          Corporate Spirit

                          Climb up the summit step by step, Strive for perfection bit by bit

                          Core Concept

                          Gear drives gear, heart moves heart

                          Quality promise

                          Faith as a base to ensure the quality

                          Good service to satisfy the customers

                          Company ethic

                          Being responsible for the customer and society

                          means being responsible for ourselves

                          Company Style

                          Definite duty and least mistake

                          Psychic expectation and belief

                          CHSTE will become a world-class enterprise

                          "NGC"will become a world famous brand name

                          Behavior moral principle

                          To love job and respect work,

                          being diligent and harmonious

                          Thought way

                          the company is my home,

                          “ I am glorious by home flourish and shame by home decline”

                          Corporate color

                          blue, which is typical of harmonious development

                          Our People

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